Our plan for Heyford Park Pharmacy

(This article was first published autumn 2020 when Minerva announced its plans.)

New GP services and a pharmacy could be on the way to the fast-growing development at Heyford Park. Minerva Clinical Services has been set up by a group of Bicester based doctors at Alchester Medical Group and its proposal is to open up in a new unit in the Station House on Camp Road, right at the heart of the development that will eventually be home to around 7,000 residents

Providing we are successful in our application to run a pharmacy then residents at Heyford Park and nearby will be able to pick up prescriptions closer to home. Patients who’re registered with Alchester Medical Group will also be able to have an appointment there with a GP or nurse . The pharmacy will have two or three adjoining consultation rooms for this purpose.

Dr Toby Quartley, an Alchester Medical Group GP partner and director of Minerva Clinical Services, says:

“We’re hoping everyone will wish to welcome the innovative approach that we’re taking to bring new and more local healthcare services into the area. Registered patients will be able to book appointments and to conveniently pick up their prescriptions at the same place. We believe this plan is achievable and will provide a sustainable service of primary healthcare that’s specially tailored for both the present and growing needs of Heyford Park.”

And Cherwell District Council’s Lead Member for Health and Wellbeing, Councillor Andrew McHugh, has commented:

“People living between Bicester and Deddington want to access primary care near to where they live. As areas such as Heyford Park grow, I expect demand will increase. These proposals for additional primary care and pharmacy services in Heyford Park therefore have my full support.”

As part of informing everyone about the proposal and hearing their views, a virtual public meeting about Heyford Park Pharmacy was held on Tuesday 10th November 2020. We’d like to thank everyone who attended for their questions and show of support.

For even more about our plan listen in to the BBC Radio Oxford interview with Dr Quartley.